Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Julia...

My sweet Baby Girl...oh how you've grown so fast before our eyes. It's hard to believe that just two years ago I gave birth to you at a woping 8 lbs 15.9 oz, and here you are today no longer a newborn, baby, infant, but a TODDLER!
You bring out an emotion in me that's uncontrolable. I just think of the little things you do and it brings tears of joy to my eyes. You are such a beautiful little baby girl inside and out. I cannot take you anywhere without someone stopping me to comment how beautiful you are especially your curls ♥ You are my little mini me. You look so much like me when I was little, down to the curly hair. We have such a bond that I think is only possible between a mother and dauther, much to what your Grandma and I have.
You are Grandpa's little girl. You LOVE him so much and often reach out for "Joe Joe" as you like to call him before running to Grandma or myself. You often ask "where's Joe Joe" when you walk into their room and he's not there. You do the same for your Daddy. You love them both to pieces. You give Grandma "Ucy" the time of day when nobody else is around...Grandma often fills me in on how affectionate you are with her when there is nobody else around to distract you. She loves to egg you on just to get a good laugh out of you becuase you often say "NO Ucy," and nothing makes her laugh more than when you do that to her. Now the most dynamic relationship you have is with your brother Andrew who is 22 months older than you.
Your relationship with your brother is one of Love and Hate. Your face lights up when Andrew gives you the time of day and actually takes a moment to be nice to you. It melts my heart to see those precious moments that are sometimes few and far between, but I cherish every minute of it when they do happen. You both LOVE to play "running couches" as Andrew calls it. You take off nearly all 20 cushions off the couch and run from one side to the other. You guys wrestle eachother, push eachother around in your doll strollers, watch tv together, play in your crib together, and absolutely LOVE to play in the dirt together. You love to ride down slides together, play in the sand together, and my most precious moments are when you both lay in Andrew's bed and watch a movie together.
In the last couple of months you have finally started to defend yourself. It's so funny to see you try and karate kick your brother after he's done something mean to you. We try not to laugh because we don't want you to believe that behavior is acceptable, but it's just too cute. He's taught you punch back (we're not happy about that one) and you know that his weak point is when you dig your nails into him to get him to leave you alone. I'm glad that you have finally stuck up for yourself, I'm not crazy about all the chaos that it's causes, but I'm happy to know that you can handle your own. You have taken some punches, kicks and slaps from him and not even batted an eye lash. We are working on getting past this hurdle, it's not easy...especially now that you don't let it slide.
You are such a girly girl already, but have some tom boy in you. You are obsessed with this little Iron Man figurine. You love to say "Iron Man" all the time, wherever you see anything Iron Man related. You LOVE to color and doodle. You can count to 10 (well sometimes it's not always consistent, but you have done it atleast a few times all the way through) You can also count to 10 in Spanish. You are a little parrot! Your vocabulary is so much more advanced than Andrew's was at this age. You are extremely polite and say "please, thank you, bless you, excuse me" in there appropriate context. You love to sing and dance, and boy do you have some lungs on you! When you were only about 6-9 months we use to say "dance Shikira" and you would start to move your waist like was soooooo funny! I'm sure you'll be blessed with some rythm :)
You are a great sleeper! You go to bed around 7:30 pm and don't wake until around 7:30 the next morning. You are down to one nap that lasts any where from 2-4 hours. Yes, I told LOVE your sleep. You are obsessed with your Zebra rain boots, and always want to put them on along with any hat to try and convice us to take you outside to play. You get so excited whenever I tell you we are going "bye bye's" are always ready to go.
You have become the pickiest eater! You LOVE anything potato related...french fries, potatoes in the morning for breakfast, hash brown, tator tots. Chicken nuggets, quesadillas, white rice ALL fruits, but I would say that your favorites are mangos, grapes, watermelon, and apples. You love pinto beans, mac and cheese, and the only veggies you will eat are carrots. You've recently become obsessed with orange juice and want it all the time.
I can literally go on and on about how much you make us all laugh. You are such a clown. You are always happy when your brother is not making you upset. You are so easy going, but can have your moments. Your latest has been throwing yourself on the ground making a dramatic scene whenever you get upset about something.
It doesn't matter what you do, if you make me happy or the end of the day I am just BLESSED that I had you. My baby girl. My bestfriend. I look forward to growing our relationship as you get older. I know that you and I already have what your Grandma and I share. It's so unique and special, and I am forever greatful to you for bringing so much joy into my life.