Saturday, December 5, 2009

Took the plunge...

So, here I am...finally! Wow, there is so much to learn. After finally getting Myspace down, I jumped on the Facebook wagon, and up until recently was all about it (not happy with the status updates, and newsfeed changes). But, now I must say that this will probably be the best thing for me because it will allow me to document the countless number of sayings and day to day occurrences that bring a smile to my face.

I can't believe Julia is already saying words...! Yes, she is. She's learned the not so nice word "mine," but on the brighter side, she has picked up Andrew's politeness and says "thanks" after i give her something, and now even says "peas" for please, ha. There are tons of other words in her vocabulary already, and that's why I like this outlet to keep track of these milestones, because those that know me well know that I have the greatest intentions, but slack in that department.

Andrew blows me away with some of the things that he says. Every night before Jose and I go to bed we talk about any new things the kids have done or said, and it always brings a smile to our face, and sometimes even a happy tear. Tears of joy.

While Andrew was taking his bath today (I gave them separate baths today because Andrew is under the weather and didn't want Julia bathing in all those germs), I decide to put some clean sheets on my bed, well after a few minutes of that I go to get Andrew out of the tub and the water was cold, well not freezing, but cold enough. I quickly took him out, wrapped him up, laid him out on our freshly made bed and told him that I was sooooooooooo sorry that the water was so cold. He tells me, "it's ok mommy, it wasn't your fault...I just took a long bath" sweet is he. I love me little Munchkins.

I can already tell that this is going to be addicting...I hope you all enjoy reading the stories of a stay at home mom.


  1. Yay for you starting a blog! It's seriously the only form of baby book I have and what better way to include all their photos and sayings! Can't wait to get to know your kids a bit more. :-)

  2. Very nice isabel:) I gotta say fb and myspace are a bore and pain. Good job on this blog..i love it!!

  3. This is amazing you are an awesome mother and wife to us.